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Why you need simulation-based designs for EV battery packsAgéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

Jueves, 1 de julio de 2021, de 06.00 a 07.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Learn how to optimize battery pack designs to inhibit thermal runway propagation and mitigate safety issues.
When developing hybrid and electric vehicles on a large scale, thermal runaway is a critical safety issue that ranks high on the agenda for both OEMs and suppliers. New regulations are starting to emerge and require manufacturers to develop design and mitigation solutions to delay fire propagation and smoke rejection. These measures guarantee sufficient time for passengers to evacuate in case there is an emergency. Getting proper answers on how long can and must a battery resist a thermal runaway of a cell has become a key concern and will be at the center of brand reputation. Engineering departments face multiple equally important demands. To quickly identify thermal propagation events, they must limit physical testing and implement the most appropriate simulation approach. Further, engineers must investigate what-if scenarios, develop mitigation strategies and test several design variants to reach the optimal design that meets safety requirements. All these requirements must be delivered while keeping costs and time-to-market in check.
In this 45-minute webinar, our experts will introduce a simulation methodology that will enable design and integration departments to accelerate decision-making, predict what can fail, and identify battery pack design and thermal management solutions to mitigate safety and risks.
Managing the design complexity to meet safety performance requirements
You will learn how to:
- Use a combined CFD and system simulation approach to accurately model and understand thermal runaway and heat propagation in cells and battery packs.
- Run design exploration techniques to investigate what- if scenarios and assess the performance of new designs (implementation of different cooling systems, changes in geometry, etc.).
- We will also share some customer examples of the use of these modeling techniques on vehicle projects.
Who should attend this webinar?
- Battery engineering groups willing to get a better understanding of the full propagation of a thermal runaway event in a pack and make the right design and mitigation decisions.
- Car OEMs and suppliers willing to reduce battery safety test costs.
About the speakers

Lionel Broglia
Business Development Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Lionel is the Business Development Manager for System simulation activities, focusing on the electrification of ground transportation. He has a master's degree in mechanical engineering and has been involved in multi-domain system simulation since 1999.
Gaetan Damblanc
Product Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Gaetan is product manager for powertrain electrification related technologies at Siemens Digital Industries Software. His responsibility spans across battery modelling, electric machines design and electromagnetics to help developing solutions needed for the future xEVs.
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  • Why you need simulation-based designs for EV battery packs