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Jueves, 23 de julio de 2020, de 13.00 a 17.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Intelligent Data Summit - is a multi-vendor virtual summit where experts will share how to design and deliver a modern digital enterprise powered by analytics, data & AI/ML. Topics include proven strategies, tools and platforms for all environments.
Accelerate AI/ML Learning - The Age of Citizen Data Scientist
Data science personnel are expensive and hard to find. See how F2000s are using automation, no-code platforms and templated best practices to fill the AI/ML skills gap.
Machine Learning ROI - Succeed from the Start
Many ML projects begin with promise, but frequently fail. Speakers will show how real data, models and team collaboration can deliver ML success.
Analytics Lifecycle - Avoid Common Bottlenecks, Speed Deployment
Streamline your process to get meaningful insights from mountains of data. Use modern ways to prepare, aggregate and correlate data. Get tips to design and deploy effective models.
Responsive BI - AI-Powered Interactive Dashboards
See how new-gen BI builds on data visualization. Today’s BI can interactively answer questions thanks to AI, data discovery & voice - for improved self-service and deeper insights.
Single Source of Truth’ - Cornerstone of the Data-Driven Enterprise
SSoT projects improve data intelligence, reduce errors and provide real-time access. Experts will review data ingestion, MDM, cataloging, virtualization and connectivity.
AI for IT Operations - AIOps for Quick Recovery, Avoiding Failures
Enterprise architectures are now distributed, complex and vulnerable to outages. AI and automation offer deep visibility, speed problem resolution & keep critical systems running.
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