Webinar • Ciberseguridad: Cloud Security Alliance

The Underrated Link Between Malicious Code & Cloud SecurityAgéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

Martes, 18 de febrero de 2020, de 13.00 a 14.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
Webinar en inglés

In order for an adversary to conduct a successful cyber attack and inflict any kind of damage, they must run malicious code or commands on a victim’s machine. This fact also holds true in the world of modern cloud infrastructure, which usually comprises numerous Linux servers, containers and other services that can potentially run unauthorized software. While there's a lot of publicly available information about securing the CI/CD process and pre-runtime scans, in this webinar, we will focus on best practices for securing your workloads in runtime. We will further explain how monitoring code in-memory can help to detect and quickly respond to cyber threats in public or private cloud servers.

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