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Webinar de https://www.melissa.com
Miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2019, de 14.00 a 15.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
Webinar en inglés

 Integrating data prep and data quality is vital to reducing the time data professionals need to leverage increasing volumes of data into actionable insights.

Melissa’s flagship data quality platform – Unison – combines industry-leading contact data quality APIs into one centralized web portal.

It’s a game-changing solution, empowering data-driven organizations to process and cleanse big data at record speeds, while overcoming security and scalability hurdles, and reducing the need for programming development time.

In this webinar, we’ll show: 

- How to quickly create a data quality job in a matter of minutes 

- Processing power that can scale to 30 million addresses per hour 

- Global contact data quality solutions, including name, address, email and phone 

- Easy installation, project collaboration and automation, reporting and analytics 
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  • Plataforma de Calidad del Dato con Unison