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Advanced engineering simulation for energy and utilitiesAgéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

Jueves, 24 de febrero de 2022, de 07.00 a 08.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Next-generation technology to optimize critical asset performance
Around the world, societies require an increased energy supply that’s produced and delivered using the most efficient and sustainable means. The integration of multi-discipline and multi-physics engineering simulation software, combined with model-based systems engineering and high-performance computing, helps businesses accelerate equipment and systems development processes while lowering costs.
Join our February 24 webinar to learn how Advanced Engineering Simulation for energy and utilities optimizes critical asset performance. You’ll hear recent customer examples of how this next-generation technology provides continuous improvement across the energy supply chain.
3D design simulation for oil and gas equipment
With multi-physics computational fluid dynamics software, engineers can simulate energy asset performance under real-world operating conditions. Knowledge gained from 3D design simulation is easily applied to correct asset performance deficiencies, improve operating capabilities or create new ways of generating value. Give your engineers the tools they need to develop innovative solutions in less time.
Oil and gas process simulation in early design stages
Use oil and gas process simulation to optimize system performance earlier in the design process. For your energy, utilities and process business, this means improved product quality, reduced development time and lower costs. To efficiently manage increased requirements, variants and use cases, engineers can create heterogeneous system simulation architectures and share the models across your enterprise.
Automated workflows in oil and gas process design
Design innovative products faster with design space exploration and optimization software. There's no need for custom scripting because the solution interfaces with all commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools. Automated workflows enable efficient completion of oil and gas process designs while helping engineers identify new innovations that meet stated requirements.
Aditya Inamdar:Senior Presales Solutions Consultant, Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)
Aditya began his career with Emmeskay in 2007, as a Project Engineer. He later joined the Presales team for System Simulation at LMS International, focusing on LMS Amesim (now Simcenter Amesim) and controls integration. He has worked with all industries, especially with Automotive OEMs and suppliers.  As part of Siemens DISW, Aditya is responsible for the simulation portfolio, Simcenter, for the Automotive, Heavy Equipment and Energy & Utilities industries. He is a technical expert in simulation and proficient in the Siemens Model-Based Systems Engineering methodology.
John Nixon:Sr. Director, Energy & Utilities, Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)
John is the Energy & Utilities global strategy lead for Siemens DISW. John has worked in energy and utilities for 28+ years. John created multiple energy and technology start-ups leading business development in China, Romania, Panama and the USA. John as also led large greenfield and brownfield projects with oil and mining supermajors in Canada and China, and spearheaded pipeline asset integrity programs in USA and Mexico. In addition to this, John holds patents for pipe lining technology and has been a board member for multiple technology firms and university R&D associations. John was an officer in the US Army and holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.
John Lusty:Global Industry Marketing Lead, Energy & Utilities, Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)
John is the Energy & Utilities industry marketing lead for Siemens DISW. He began his career with Dow Chemical and later Nalco Chemical in technical sales as a steam and cooling water chemistry specialist in energy and chemical plants. In 2000, John moved to the software industry, holding management positions at Allegro Development and Bentley Systems. In 2010, John joined Siemens with roles in Enterprise Sales, Industry Solutions, and now Global Industry Marketing. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science from the University of Guelph.
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  • Advanced engineering simulation for energy and utilities