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Martes, 15 de febrero de 2022, de 03.00 a 05.30 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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The moment of reckoning is here. The onset of the global pandemic forced digital transformation into hyperdrive. Specifically RPA implementations became Intelligent Automaton endeavors which progressed for some time before change management got added to the conversation. Cost reduction brought by technology simply wasn’t enough. But worse- it didn’t scale.
Simple rules based automation implemented without an understanding of the process was a stumbling block. But uninvestigated cross-organizational end-to-end processes were an impassable wall to scalable intelligent automation.
24 months later, the key for global corporate enterprise remains to benefit from the collective intelligence presented by RPA and cognitive technologies along with human workers.
Only by having human talent combine robotic process automation with cognitive technologies can global corporate enterprise achieve scalable intelligent automation. And only with scalable intelligent automation comes enterprise resiliency.
Leading edge companies are realizing that in order for IA to deliver transformational results, these tools must be part of a broader, enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy. Rather than iterative experimentation of intelligent solutions, the idea is to go from vision to scale.
The first step? Outlining what you want automation to achieve.
Scalable Intelligent Automation Live Feb 15-16 focuses on the goal of scalable IA- not only to ensure that tools can handle spikes in workload and expand scope of usage- but establish one, enterprise-wide approach to implementing, leveraging and capturing value from automation.
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