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Miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2021, de 04.00 a 05.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Pig Progress is proud to announce is latest webinar on Wednesday March 31, at 10am Central European Time, organised by Nedap.

During this webinar we will give practical and easily applicable options to watch over individual animals to drive farm automation and unlock essential information. Enabling farmers to grow their business while increasing animal health and well-being, sustainability, biosecurity, transparency and the safety and quality of food.

Nedap helps livestock farmers to be the best performing farmers in the world. Two expert speakers with plenty of international experience will show you how. 

  • 04:00 - 04:20 hs
    Maximize profit from perfectly tuned finishing pigs. por Martin Enderink, de Nedap
  • 04:20 - 04:40 hs
    Pig performance testing; harvesting data made easy! por Chiel van Lenthe, de Nedap
  • 04:40 - 05:00 hs
    habla el experto por Vincent ter Beek, de Pig Progress
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  • Monitorización de animales en granja

Ponentes de este webinar
Martin Enderink
Global Sales Director en Nedap
Gain more knowledge about the challenging phase of pork production and efficient ways to produce more meat per square meter. In this stage, performance indicators count. These much desired numbers are available in real-time and continuously supports improved feed strategy, health management and logistics planning and maximizes payout.

The Nedap PorkSense solution finetunes finishing pig management to feed pigs based on individual weights to optimize feed efficiency, finish uniform groups, forecast optimal delivery and save labor costs.
Chiel van Lenthe
Product Manager en Nedap
Always wanted to know how to optimize your pigs genetics or feed composition?

A fully automated performance testing system creates clear insight into individual pig and nutritional performance. This solution accurately and reliably measures and records pig performance indicators including individual weights, feed intake and feed conversion ratio.

The data it provides is immediately available for review and has a unique feature allowing you to rank and select the pigs with the highest performance capacity. Or save on feed costs by determing the most cost effective feed formulas.
Vincent ter Beek
Pig Progress