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Jueves, 11 de febrero de 2021, de 02.00 a 03.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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The Webinar begins with a brief introduction to EXSYN and AVILYTICS, before demos of the AOG Risk Monitor and Aircraft Reliability modules. You will then see how data is used to provide analysis on maintenance organization efficiency in terms of costs monitoring and process efficiency, via a demo of the Engineering and Maintenance KPI and Logistics Module.  As you will see the E&M KPI real-time dashboards provide insights into: maintenance control support, engineering costs monitoring, planning efficiency and more. The Logistics KPI dashboards focus on: supplier performance, material purchases and component repair costs, and more. Finally, you will see how AVILYTICS can be integrated with any MRO / M&E or company IT solutions and can be onboarded at all airlines, operators and MRO facilities worldwide with any fleet type.

The AVILYTICS demos are divided into three key sections:


AVILYTICS Demo 1: AOG Risk Monitor Suite: 

You will see how to use predictive analytics to build aircraft AOG risk profiles to empower Maintenance Control Centre decision making.  As you will see, real-time analytics dashboards indicate specifically those parts or components installed on the aircraft that are most likely to fail, enabling more informed decision making on day of operations to prevent delays and cancellations.


AVILYTICS Demo 2: Aircraft Reliability Management: 

Simplification and Automation of Reliability Management. As you will see, this module displays the entire scope of an aircraft reliability program (dispatch reliability, repeated defect analysis, findings per ATA chapter, MEL defect monitor, optimal fleet utilization, taskcard finding analysis, and more) in several real-time dashboards eliminating the need for manual reporting.


AVILYTICS Demo 3: Organization Analytics:

Finally, you will learn about using Engineering & Maintenance KPI’s and advanced logistics analysis to monitor, evaluate and further improve maintenance organization effectiveness. Within this module, data is used to provide insights around: maintenance control support, engineering department performance, engineering costs monitoring, planning efficiency, material purchases, component repair costs, and more.


Webinar Agenda:


Short Introduction to EXSYN Aviation Solutions and AVILYTICS

AOG Risk Monitor functional walkthrough

Aircraft Reliability functional walkthrough

Organizational analytics functional walkthrough based on E&M KPI’s and Logistics suites

Onboarding process

Questions and Answers

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