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Viernes, 30 de octubre de 2020, de 03.00 a 15.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Open Source Summit connects the open source ecosystem under one roof. It’s a unique environment for cross-collaboration between developers, sysadmins, devops, architects and others who are driving technology forward.


Agenda día 5: 

06:00 GMT

Intel Virtualization Technology Extensions to Enable Hardware Isolated VMs - Sean Christopherson, Intel

Live Migration With Hardware Acceleration - Wei Wang, Intel

06:30 GMT

Guest Memory Protection -- Current Status and Future - Isaku Yamahata, Intel

Scalable Work Submission in Device Virtualization - Hao Wu, Intel

07:00 GMT

KVM Live Upgrade with Properly Handling of Passthrough Devices - Zhiming Feng, ByteDance

PASID Management in KVM - Yi Liu& Jacob Pan, Intel

07:30 GMT

Device Keepalive State for Local Live Migration and VMM Fast Restart - Jason Zeng, Intel

Implementing SR-IOV Failover for Windows Guests During Migration - Yan Vugenfirer, Daynix & Annie Li, Oracle

10:00 GMT

Evolution of SPDK vhost Towards Secure Container Storage Service - Xiaodong Liu & Changpeng LIu, Intel

Hypervisor-managed Linear Address Translation - Chao Gao, Intel

10:30 GMT

Debugging KVM Using Intel DCI Technology - Raymond Zhang, Xedge.AI

Minimizing VMExits in Private Cloud by Aggressive PV IPI and Passthrough Timer - Huaqiao & Zhouyibo, ByteDance

11:00 GMT

CIP (Civil Infrastructure Platform) Mini-Summit

BoF Discussions: To Be Announced

13:00 GMT

State of the User Namespace - Stephane Graber & Christian Brauner, Canonical

14:00 GMT

QEMU Live Update - Steven J. Sistare, Oracle

Speeding Up VM’s I/O Sharing Host's io_uring Queues With Guests - Stefano Garzarella, Red Hat

TBOOT and Secure Boot coexistence to launch OS even more securely. - Łukasz Hawryłko, Intel Corporation

Open Source Drones Summit by The Dronecode Foundation

14:30 GMT

Faster and Smaller qcow2 Files With Subcluster-based Allocation - Alberto Garcia, Igalia

Virtio-(balloon|pmem|mem): Managing Guest Memory - David Hildenbrand & Michael S. Tsirkin, Red Hat

15:00 GMT

Comparing Performance of NVMe Hard Drives in KVM, Baremetal, and Docker Using Fio and SPDK for Virtual Testbed Applications - Mauricio Tavares, RENCI

QEMU Snaphosts Are So Slow. Really? - Denis Lunev, Virtuozzo

Bypassing Many Kernel Protections Using Elastic Objects - Yueqi Chen & Zhepeng Lin, Ph.D. Students

Open Mainframe Mini-Summit

15:30 GMT

Bitmaps and NBD: Building Blocks of Change Block Tracking - Eric Blake, Red Hat

Towards an Alternative Memory Architecture - Joao Martins, Oracle

16:00 GMT

Bring SCSI Support Into QEMU Block Layer - Yaowei Bai, Chinamobile

KVM Dirty Ring - A New Approach to Logging - Peter Xu, Red Hat

Container Runtime Support for SGX and TEE Environment - Isaku Yamahata, Intel Corporation

Designing, Configuring and Verifying Linux Systems with Evidences for High Quality and Fault Mitigation - Activities in the LF ELISA Project

16:30 GMT

Implementing Linux System Calls in QEMU - Filip Božuta, Syrmia LLC, Belgrade

Long Live Asynchronous Page Fault! - Vitaly Kuznetsov & Vivek Goyal, Red Hat

17:00 GMT

Panel Discussion with Participants to be Announced Soon!

18:00 GMT

Closing Remarks - Elena Reshetova, Security Engineer, Intel Corporation

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