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Jueves, 29 de octubre de 2020, de 03.00 a 18.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Open Source Summit connects the open source ecosystem under one roof. It’s a unique environment for cross-collaboration between developers, sysadmins, devops, architects and others who are driving technology forward

Agenda día 4: 

06:00 GMT

Look Ma’, No (Real) Interrupt Controller! - Marc Zyngier, Google & Christoffer Dall, Arm

vDPA Support in Linux Kernel - Jason Wang, Red Hat

06:30 GMT

AMD-vIOMMU: A Hardware-assisted Virtual IOMMU Technology - Suravee Suthikulpanit & Wei Huang, AMD

Evaluate Implementation Options of KVM-based Type1 (or 1.5) Hypervisor - Jun Nakajima, Intel

07:00 GMT

A Virtual IOMMU With Cooperative DMA Buffer Tracking - Yu Zhang, Intel

Hypervisor Based Integrity: Protect Guest Kernel in Cloud - Ning Yang & Forrest Yuan Yu, Google

07:30 GMT

Speed Up Creation of a VM With Pass Through GPU - Liang Li, DIDI Chuxing

Trap-less Virtual Interrupt for KVM on RISC-V - Siqi Zhao, Huawei

10:00 GMT

Advanced Parallel Memory Virtualization - Yulei Zhang, Tencent

KVM Latency Performance Tuning - Wanpeng Li, Tencent

10:30 GMT

Building a Cloud Infrastructure to Deploy Microservices as Microvm Guests - Matias Vara Larsen, Huawei

The Practice Method to Speed Up 10x Boot-up Time for Guest in Alibaba Cloud - Weinan Li, Alibaba

11:00 GMT

BoF Discussions: To Be Announced

13:00 GMT

Opening Remarks - Elena Reshetova, Security Engineer, Intel Corporation

FINOS Mini-Summit: Accelerating Open Source Software and Standards in Financial Services

13:05 GMT

Block Me if You Can: Subverting IMA - Tobias Mueller, University of Hamburg

14:00 GMT

Keynote: KVM - Christian Bornträger, IBM

Kernel Integrity Enforcement with HLAT In a Virtual Machine - Chao Gao, Intel Corporation

LF AI Mini-Summit

14:15 GMT

Keynote: QEMU - Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat

14:30 GMT

KVM-unit-tests: When "KVM" Doesn't Mean KVM - Andrew Jones, Red Hat

Virtual Device Fuzzing Support in QEMU - Alexander Bulekov & Bandan Das, Red Hat

14:40 GMT

Introducing TPM NV Storage with E/A Policies and TSS-FAPI - Andreas Fuchs, Fraunhofer SIT

15:00 GMT

A KVM-unit-tests and KVM selftests update for aarch64 - Eric Auger, Red Hat

Virtual Versus Physical: Virtio Changes for New Hardware - Michael S. Tsirkin, Red Hat

Zephyr Mini-Summit

15:30 GMT

A Journey to Support vGPU in Firecracker - Liang Yan, SUSE

15:40 GMT

Architectural Extensions for Hardware Virtual Machine Isolation to Advance Confidential Computing in Public Clouds - Ravi Sahita & Jun Nakajima, Intel Corporation

16:00 GMT

Challenges in Supporting Virtual CPU Hotplug on SoC Based Systems (like ARM64) - Salil Mehta, Huawei

Changing Paravirt Lock-ops for a Changing World - Ankur Arora, Oracle

Introducing DENT OS, switchdev NOS for the rest of us

Technical Resume Writing Workshop - Lindsey Anne Thorne, Vaco with special guest Mary Kypreos, Transparent Systems

16:30 GMT

Extremely Fast and Efficient NFV with Unikraft - Felipe Huici, NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH

HA-IOV: Applying Hardware-assisted Techniques to IO Virtualization Framework - Yifei Jiang & Bo Wan, Huawei

16:40 GMT

Network File System Security Overview: Securing SMB3 - Steven French, Microsoft

17:25 GMT

Overview of the Crypto-engine Improvements - Iuliana Prodan, NXP Semiconductors

21:00 GMT

BoF Discussions: To Be Announced

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