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Miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2020, de 09.00 a 18.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Open Source Summit connects the open source ecosystem under one roof. It’s a unique environment for cross-collaboration between developers, sysadmins, devops, architects and others who are driving technology forward.


Agenda día 3:

12:00 GMT

Linux Tracing with BPF, BCC and More - Mauricio Vásquez Bernal & Alban Crequy, Kinvolk

Productionizing ML with ML Ops and Cloud AI - Kaz Sato, Google

Comprehensive Observability of your Microservices Using Deep Linked Metrics and Traces - Ryan Allen, Chronosphere Inc.

Give Open Source the Weight it Deserves in Public Policy - Sivan Pätsch & Paula Grzegorzewska, OpenForum Europe

Issues with Open Source License Compliance in Consumer Electronics - Tim Bird, Sony

Simplify and Reuse Your Driver's Code with Regmaps - Ioan Adrian Ratiu, Collabora Ltd

Virtual Topology for Virtual Machines: Friend or Foe? - Dario Faggioli, SUSE

A Faster Hibernation/Resume Using Opportunistic Memory Reclaim - Andrea Righi, Canonical

Syscall Supervision - Christian Brauner, Canonical

Panel Discussion: Bridging Modern DevOps and the Mainframe - John Mertic, Linux Foundation; Meredith Stowell, IBM & Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity, Inc.

12:25 GMT

The Importance of Non-code Contributions to Code-centric Open Source Projects - Marcel Kurzmann, Bosch

13:00 GMT

Releasing Code as Open Source Made Easy - SAP's Process and Tooling - Peter Giese, SAP SE

Hands-On Real Time Stream Processing for Machine Learning - Alejandro Saucedo, The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning

Federated Monitoring Leveraging Open Source Technologies - Sanchit Sandeep Pathak & Akhil John, Platform9 Systems, Inc.

How Open Source is Helping to Save the World - Kara de la Marck, CloudBees

Share System Resources on Multi-Processor System - Lionel Debieve, STMicroelectronics

Software Update Solutions for Yocto and OpenEmbedded - Leon Anavi, Konsulko Group

The Common Challenges of Secure VMs - Janosch Frank, IBM

Real-time Linux: What is Next? - Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, Red Hat

The Compact C Type (CTF) Debugging Format in the GNU Toolchain: Progress Report - Elena Zannoni & Nicholas Alcock, Oracle

Matrix - Open, Secure, Decentralised, Real-Time Communication Across Networks - Oleg Fiksel, Deutsche Telekom

13:25 GMT

The State of Open Source Licensing Clarity (or the lack thereof) - Philippe Ombredanne, AboutCode.org and nexB Inc.

14:15 GMT

Keynote: Thomas Gleixner, Chief Technology Officer, Linutronix GmbH

14:35 GMT

Keynote: Jesús Labarta Mancho, Director, Computer Sciences Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

14:55 GMT

Keynote: Sachiko Muto, Chief Executive Officer, OpenForum Europe

15:15 GMT

Keynote: Dr. Allan Friedman, Director, Cybersecurity Initiatives, National Telecommunications & Information Administration, US Department of Commerce

16:15 GMT

Collaborative Leadership: Governance Beyond Company Affiliation - Dawn Foster, VMware

Preparing for Kubernetes Certification Exams - Tim Serewicz, The Linux Foundation

Milvus, How to Accelerate Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search (ANNS) for Large Scale Dataset - Jun Gu, Zilliz

Fast Execution for Function Compositions in Serverless Computing - Ruichuan Chen & Istemi Ekin Akkus, Nokia Bell Labs

Why the GPL is Great for Business - Frank Karlitschek, Nextcloud

Supporting Hardware-Accelerated Video Encoding with Mainline - Paul Kocialkowski, Bootlin

The International Effort to Establish Open Source Base Layer of Cyber Security for IACS - Kento Yoshida, Renesas Electronics Corporation

The Yocto Project on Windows - Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego, Microsoft

Virtualization for the Masses: Exposing KVM on Android - Will Deacon, Google

A Technical Deep Dive into the QEMU Emulated NVMe Device - Klaus Jensen, Samsung Electronics

Skynet - Peer to Peer Application Hosting - Peter-Jan Brone, Nebulous Inc.

16:40 GMT

Safety Critical Systems and Licensing Risk: Standard Measures and Implementations from the CHAOSS Project - Sean P. Goggins, University of Missouri

17:15 GMT

Lightning Talk: Open Source Software-Defined Storage for All-Flash Array Management - Vicki Chu, Industrial Technology Research Institute

Leveraging an Open Source Project Catalogue to Select the Right Project - Marcel Kurzmann, Bosch.IO GmbH

Monitoring: A New Approach - Tom King, The Linux Foundation

Become a Data Driven Organization through Unified Metadata Using ODPi Egeria - Mandy Chessell, IBM

Being Fluentd with Logs - Phil Wilkins, Capgemini UK

Burnout - When Your Mind is Tired - Jan Altenberg, Continental Automotive GmbH

Let’s Test with KernelCI - Khouloud Touil, Baylibre

The State of PTXdist - Roland Hieber, Pengutronix

The Yocto Project's First Decade - Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, Linux Foundation & Nicolas Dechesne, Linaro

Optimizing for NVMe Drives: The 10 Microsecond Challenge - Stefan Hajnoczi, Red Hat

Customized Trace Data Visualization with KernelShark - How to Write User Plugins. - Yordan Karadzhov, VMware

Public Money? Public Code! – What Role does Free Software Play after the Corona Crisis? - Alexander Sander, Free Software Foundation Europe

17:30 GMT

Lightning Talk: Unravelling the Linux Kernel Using BPF Raw Tracepoints - Abhijit Singh, Uber

17:40 GMT

Which Foundation for my Open Source Project? - Tobie Langel, UnlockOpen

18:30 GMT

Flies Like an Arrow: Open Source Compliance with Scale in Telco Environment - Ingrid Viitanen & Jonne Soininen, Nokia

Inference on (the) KubeEdge - Adrian Gonzalez-Martin, Seldon

Monitoring at Global Scale with M3 and Prometheus - Gibbs Cullen, Chronosphere

Panel Discussion: How Ireland Created and Why They Open Sourced COVIDGreen - Danese Cooper & Cian O'Maidin, NearForm, Ltd.; Gar Mac Criosta, HSE Ireland; Dan Kohn, Linux Foundation Public Health

U-Boot: Porting and Maintaining a Bootloader for a Multimedia SoC Family - Neil Armstrong, BayLibre SAS

Understand ECC Support for NAND Flash Devices in Linux - Miquèl Raynal, Bootlin

KVM Address Space Isolation - Alexandre Chartre, Oracle

Building Linux Distributions for Fun and Profit - Margarita Manterola, Kinvolk

Making it Easier to Make Things: WebAssembly and the Internet of Things - Jonathan Beri, Golioth, Inc. & Alvaro Viebrantz, Leverege

Tutorial: In Linux System Security, WE believe! - Panos Kalorogiannis, National Bank of Greece

18:55 GMT

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It - How to Assess Project Health - Ivana Atanasova & Stefka Dimitrova, VMware

19:30 GMT

Are You Wise in the Ways of Open Source Compliance? Taxonomy and the Tools of Open Source Compliance - Gergely Csatari, Nokia & Yann Jorelle, Nokia/Aalto University

How Jina Saves Your Time on Building Cloud-Native Neural Search Systems - Han Xiao, Jina AI

Africa and the Cloud, Challenges and Opportunities! - Eddy Kioi, Atlancis Technologies

Shift Left - How to Merge All Roles into One Team to Deliver Your Software - Sanja Bonic, Percona & Stefan Staudenmeyer, Instana

Panel Discussion: KVM-based Virtualization Contributor Q&A - Stefan Hajnoczi & Richard W.M. Jones, Red Hat; Susie Li, Intel; Hubertus Franke, IBM; David Kaplan, AMD; Peter Maydell, Arm

A New Futex2() System Call - André Almeida, Collabora

Open Source and ISO Standards - How OpenChain Became The International Standard for Compliance - Shane Coughlan, OpenChain

19:55 GMT

From Art to Science: Community Development in a Data-Driven World. - Diane Mueller, Red Hat & Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia

21:00 GMT

BoF Discussions: To Be Announced


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