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Martes, 27 de octubre de 2020, de 09.00 a 17.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Open Source Summit connects the open source ecosystem under one roof. It’s a unique environment for cross-collaboration between developers, sysadmins, devops, architects and others who are driving technology forward

Agenda día 2:

12:00 GMT

Demystifying Linux Kernel Initcalls! - Mylène Josserand, Collabora

Keep Calm and Secure the Linux - Deniz Parlak, Hexad & Volkswagen AG

Collectd Transition into the Modern Observability Universe - Ranganath Sunku, Intel Corporation & Florian Forster, Google

High Performance Node.js Powered by Rust and WebAssembly - Michael Yuan, Second State Inc

Creating Community Messaging Strategy for Events and Beyond - Jennifer Madriaga, Red Hat

Advanced Systemd for the Embedded Use-Case - Jeremy Rosen, Smile

Graphical User Interface Using Flutter in Embedded Systems - Hidenori Matsubayashi, Sony

ACRN Security: A Journey into Fuzzing and Hardening Edge Hypervisors - Mostafa Elsaid & Steffen Schulz, Intel

Atomic Updates and Configuration Files - Thorsten Kukuk, SUSE

BPF Tales, or Why Did I Recompile the Kernel to Average Some Numbers? - Giulia Frascaria, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The ELISA Project: Enabling Linux in Safety Applications - Lukas Bulwahn, BMW

From the Ground Up: How We Built the Nanos Unikernel - Will Jhun, NanoVMs, Inc.

13:00 GMT

Enabling Observability with OpenTelemetry - Mauricio Vásquez Bernal, Kinvolk

How Non-Violent Communication Can Help Keep the Peace on Your Team. - Casie Siekman, Prime Digital Academy

C++ for Real-Time Safety-Critical Linux Systems - Robin Rowe & Gabrielle Pantera, Venture Hollywood

Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded: A Collection of Best Practices - Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin

LoRa/LoRaWAN in Zephyr - Manivannan Sadhasivam, Linaro

DTrace: Leveraging the Power of BPF - Kris Van Hees, Oracle Corp.

Panel Discussion: Outreachy Linux Kernel Internship Report - Helen Koike, Outreachy / Collabora; Jules Irenge, Lourdes Pedrajas, Kaaira Gupta & Shreeya Patel & Briana Oursler, Outreachy

Getting to Know Spectre & Meltdown Checker - Agata Gruza, Intel & Stéphane Lesimple, OVHcloud

Virtualization for Real-time Power Grid Substation Automation - Lucian Balea & Aurelien Watare, RTE

14:15 GMT

Keynote: Shuli Goodman, Executive Director, LF Energy

Challenges of Using V4L2 to Capture and Process Video Sensor Images - Eugen Hristev, Microchip Technology, Inc.

Threat Modelling - Key Methodologies and Applications from OSS CIP (Civil Infrastructure Platform) Perspective - Dinesh Kumar, Toshiba Software India & SZ Lin, Moxa Inc

Tutorial: What The Clock! - Linux Clock Subsystem Internals - Neil Armstrong, BayLibre SAS

14:35 GMT

Keynote: Sam Ramji, Chief Strategy Officer, DataStax

14:45 GMT

Keynote: Neil McGovern, Executive Director, The GNOME Foundation

15:05 GMT

Keynote: Cheryl Hung, Vice President, Ecosystem & Katelin Ramer, Business Development Manager, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

15:10 GMT

Keynote: To Be Announced

15:15 GMT

Building Embedded Debian and Ubuntu Systems with ELBE - Köry Maincent, Bootlin

Kselftest Running in Test rings - Where Are We? - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation

15:25 GMT

Keynote: Operationalizing a Global, Circular IT Industry is Both Our Opportunity and Imperative - Ali Fenn, President, ITRenew

16:15 GMT

Lightning Talk: Kuma - Envoy Control Plane for the Future - Nikolay Nikolaev, Kong Inc.

Keep Your Project Healthy: Grow Your Contributors - Kendall Nelson, OpenStack Foundation & Guinevere Saenger, GitHub

Linux on RISC-V with Open Hardware - Drew Fustini, BeagleBoard.org Foundation

Using the TPM - It's Not Rocket Science (Anymore) - Johannes Holland & Peter Huewe, Infineon Technologies AG

New Power Management Framework in Zephyr - Wentong Wu, Intel APAC R&D Ltd.

Rootless Containers from Scratch - Liz Rice, Aqua Security

Demystifying Open Source Crash Reporter: An In-depth Security Analysis - Seong-Joong Kim, National Security Research Institute

Accelerating Network Device Automation Using a Model-Driven SDK - Santiago Alvarez, Cisco

Tutorial: Firewalls with NFtables - John Hawley, VMware

Tutorial: Running Your Own VM & Container Cluster at Home - Stephane Graber & Christian Brauner, Canonical Ltd.

16:25 GMT

Lightning Talk: A Brisk Introduction and Demo of KEDA - Kubernetes Event Driven Autoscaling - Sagar Joshi, Microsoft

16:35 GMT

Lightning Talk: From PaaS to FaaS : Managing Serverless on Kubernetes - Suman Chakraborty, SAP Labs, India

17:15 GMT

Prometheus Enabled AI Deep Observability Based on eBPF - Ivy He, Huawei Technologies Co, LTD

Knative: A Kubernetes Framework to Manage Serverless Workloads - Nikhil Barthwal, Google

Using GitHub at Large Corporations to Unlock Sustainable Open Source Contribution - Charles Eckel, Cisco Systems

LibIIO - A Library for Interfacing with Linux IIO Devices - Dan Nechita, Analog Devices Inc

New Tools Improve Patch Submission, Review, and Other Processes - Frank Rowand, Sony

Using Visual Studio Code for Embedded Development - Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin

VM Forking & Hypervisor-Based Fuzzing with Xen - Tamas K Lengyel, Intel Corporation

Board Farm APIs for Automated Testing of Embedded Linux - Tim Bird, Sony & Harish Bansal, Timesys

Using Raspberry Pi With Connected Analog as Lab Instrumentation - Mark Thoren & Brandon Bushey, Analog Devices

18:30 GMT

Using Volcano and Kubernetes for Cutting-Edge AI Deployment - Yedong Liu & William Wang, Huawei

Enabling Dissent for Better Open Decision Making - Sim Zacks, Red Hat

OP-TEE is Ready: Let's Use It! - Rouven Czerwinski, Pengutronix e.K.

Optimizing and Developing Non-CPU Device Power Management by DEVFREQ - Chanwoo Choi, Samsung Electronics

Overview of the Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4 - Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias, Igalia

The Fall of the Legacy - Vaibhav Gupta, Open Source Contributor

When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It: Finding Configuration Constraints from Kconfig, Kbuild, and the C Preprocessor - Paul Gazzillo, University of Central Florida

Unsolved Problems in Open Source Security - Rhys Arkins, WhiteSource

Designing a Business Card that Runs DOOM - Exploring Low-Cost ARM Architecture - Ethan Sayre, Plano East High School

Tutorial: How to Ansible - John Hawley, VMware

Tutorial: Understanding What Happens Inside Kubernetes Clusters Using BPF Tools - Alban Crequy & Margarita Manterola Rivero, Kinvolk

19:30 GMT

Birth of OSPO++: Open Source Program Offices for Governments, Cities and Research Institutions - Richard Littauer & Clare Dillon, Mosslabs.io

Building Trustworthy AI: Lessons from Open Source - Abigail Cabunoc Mayes, Mozilla

Exploration of OSPOs in EU Governments - Jacob Green & Clare Dillon, Mosslabs.io Ireland; Nejia Lanouar, City of Paris; Sayeed Choudhury, Johns Hopkins University; Astor Nummelin Carlberg, Open Forum Europe

PlutoSDR, the Making of an Ultra Low Cost, High Performance Linux Based Software Defined Radio - Michael Hennerich, Analog Devices GmbH

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Packet Timestamping in Linux - Antoine Tenart, Bootlin

RunX: Deploy RTOSes and Baremetal Apps as Containers - Stefano Stabellini & Bruce Ashfield, Xilinx

State of Linux Gaming - Gabriel Krisman Bertazi, Collabora

Writing Robust Bash Scripts - Leonardo Gutierrez Ramirez, AutoZone

Deploying Linux in Safety Critical Applications - Three Key Challenges - Christopher Temple, Arm Germany GmbH

Panel Discussion: Using OSPOs to Catapult Ireland into Open Source - Danese Cooper, NearForm, Ltd.; Gar Mac Criosta, HSE Ireland; Tim Willoughby, An Garda Siochana (Irish Police); Clare Dillon, MOSSLabs Ireland...

Ready to Switch to Open Hardware GNU/Linux PowerPC Laptop? - Roberto Innocenti, Not Profit Power Progress Community

19:55 GMT

OS Projects, Company Products, Models and Governance: How is the Playing Field Changing? Clear Skies or Storm Clouds Ahead? - Jeffrey Borek, IBM

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