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Discover the Future of Process Automation. Día 1Agéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

Jueves, 8 de octubre de 2020, de 07.00 a 12.45 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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CamundaCon brings together the global Camunda community to discuss best practices and use cases. Get product updates and inspiration from the team behind Camunda.


Agenda día 1:


06:00 AM ET

Reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Enterprise

Jakob Freund, CEO and Co-Founder, Camunda


06:45 AM ET

Bots and process improvements at the same time – is that possible?

Marco Einacker, VP IT Services, Deutsche Telekom


07:45 AM ET

The Art and Science of Continuous Process Improvements. Key ingredients of the Camunda workflow engine for developers


08:15 AM ET

Integration Patterns With Camunda

Sowmya Raghunathan, Indiana Farm Bureau

How advances in the JVM can speed up Camunda

Tim Zoeller


08:45 AM ET

Enterprise Process Automation Case Study


Rules Engine, Tenants and dynamical deployments!

Aravindh Ravi


09:30 AM ET

Guest Keynote: The Future of Process Automation


10:30 AM ET

Architectural Models for Working with Microservices

Camunda Hackdays: Wild and Wonderful Creations from the Camunda Devs


11:00 AM ET

Lessons Learned from Putting Camunda through the Paces in Production

Mr. Stamm’s Marvelous Mystery Presentation

Sebastian Stamm, Camunda

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