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Mobile Maintenance App - Latest System Upgrade – Alkym 7.3, Fleet Monitoring Tool, Advanced Planning; BI Dashboards; Integrate Key M&E Data with CAAs and more
Jueves, 30 de abril de 2020, de 10.30 a 11.30 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Full overview and demo of one of the industry’s leading aircraft MRO / M&E Solutions, Alkym from Seabury Solutions. Alkym is used by 88 customers across 45 different countries, including a mixture of Airlines, MROs, Defense, Rotary Wing Operators, and CAMOs.

During the webinar, Seabury Solutions specialists will walk you through their fully integrated and highly customizable and modular end-to-end aircraft maintenance management system which, as you will see, is designed to allow customers to pick and choose specific modules to create a customized solution specific to particular requirements or budget.

Via a demo of the latest system upgrade Alkym 7.3 you will see the latest developments and new features, such as the Fleet Monitoring Tool, Advanced Maintenance Planning Optimisation, and more; as well as a demo of the new Mobile Maintenance App.

You will also see a demo of the sophisticated Business Intelligence Dashboards to support key decision making, and a look at the powerful eAuthority solution for CAAs and how to seamlessly share key M&E data directly with the local Civil Aviation Authority via Alkym.

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  • Seabury Solutions Alkym 7.3 Aircraft Maintenance Software Demo Webinar 2