Webinar • Ciberseguridad: Proofpoint

Building an Effective Security Awareness ProgramAgéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

Martes, 28 de enero de 2020, de 05.00 a 06.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
Webinar en inglés

Implementing and sustaining a successful security awareness program can be a daunting task. Without formal policies and frameworks, many organizations are shooting in the dark when it comes to determining how often to phish and train while managing stakeholder expectations. So what can you do to help your end users better protect themselves? Join our webinar as we examine what it means to have and how to build an effective security awareness program. In this session, we'll discuss: - Proven best practices for increasing the effectiveness of cybersecurity education - How to build a culture of security within your organization - Actionable guidance on executing security awareness & training initiatives that deliver measurable results

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