Webinar • Ciberseguridad: EC-Council / Security Channel

Simple & Effective Security: Stop disruptive cyber threats and boost your securiAgéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

Martes, 8 de enero de 2019, de 14.00 a 15.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
Webinar en inglés

n today’s rapidly changing IT environment, organizations must be diligent about protecting themselves from evolving cyber threats. Disruptive malware can have a long and lasting effect on business operations and brand reputation. Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that helps stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints. It helps you mitigate remediation costs and breach damage, reduce the time to detect and contain threats, and increase visibility into internet activity across all devices. It is the first line of defense and the simplest security product to deploy, integrating seamlessly into your existing security stack. In this presentation, we will cover: The four tenets of stopping disruptive threats Why Cisco Umbrella should be the first stop How to assess your organization’s security posture ePlus believes that making security pervasive across your entire IT landscape positions you for growth and success. By utilizing Cisco Umbrella technology, you gain the visibility you need to stop disruptive threats in their tracks.

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