Webinar • IT Management: Gestión de Servicio IT

Panel Discussion: Opening Up to Next-Level Automation in ITSMAgéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

Martes, 27 de noviembre de 2018, de 13.00 a 14.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
Webinar en inglés

How is IT Service Management preparing for and integrating automation into its offering? As a crucial element of Digital Transformation, ITSM needs to implement a solid, modernized strategy to ensure IT agility, customer satisfaction and operational excellence. From Machine Learning to AI, how can ITSM practioners embrace practices, capabilities and disciplines that keep up with agile deployments and higher service expectations? In this panel, moderated by leading ITSM consultant Doug Tedder, Director of Product Management at Serviceaid, Rich Graves, and others discuss the journey ITSM is embarking on to ‘see the bigger picture’ and continuously deliver progress.

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