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Ciberseguridad: Costes, Riesgos y Beneficios. Conferencia Online de 6 horas. Por Darkreading.comAgéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

How much should your organization spend on information security? What’s the potential cost of a major hack or data breach? What’s the risk that your enterprise will be hit by a cyberattack?
Martes, 28 de febrero de 2017, de 17.00 a 23.00 hs Horario de Madrid (ES)
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Today’s businesses wrestle with these questions every day. On one hand, they look at their growing IT security expenditures and wonder whether they are spending too much – or not enough. On the other hand, the likelihood of a major data compromise – and the associated costs – have never been higher.

Cybersecurity: Costs, Risks, and Benefits will help you answer many of these difficult questions. This online event, hosted by the editors of Dark Reading, brings together IT security leaders, business executives, and cyber threat experts will provide you with a holistic view of the costs and benefits of information security investments.

If you’re a top executive, you need to be able to measure the risks and benefits of IT security in order to gauge the right amount of investment. If you’re an IT security professional, you need to be able to make a solid business case for hiring more staff and buying new technology. In either case, by attending you’ll get some formulas to help you evaluate the costs and benefits of IT security.

You will also get insight on how to measure risks and the performance of your IT security initiatives, so that you can evaluate the role that data security plays in your own organization, and the potential impact of future threats.

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  • Ciberseguridad: Costes, Riesgos y Beneficios. Conferencia Online de 6 horas. Por Darkreading.com